Bringing Billie Home


Bringing Billie Home

Limited edition: 25
Bronze sculpture

25″L x 10″W x 29″H on a barn wood base with an optional walnut base

“The most memorable times of life are not the easy times in isolation but rather the connections made in facing life’s many challenges. Bringing Billie home presents not only the question of who Billy is, but more importantly the mutual dependence that has evolved between horse and rider. This poem explains this horse and rider connection…”

‘We rode for miles one snowy day
Not sure how far away from home
The sun blocked out and now the earth
And sky appeared as one
The wind swept any sign of tracks
Left in the snow behind
Feeling lost at night it’s like
The blind leading the blind

There’s something in the way he looks
A confidence I do not have
That seems to say, “Give me the reign,
And I will bring you home”
I resigned to hold my hat
And let him have control
We share not only the same name
But places in our soul

I never thought to keep account
Of all the times I’d saddled Billie
I’m not sure if he recalled
The times he nipped my hand
Gestures made that build up trust
Like stones laid on some ancient walls
Forming temples to withstand
The test of faith and time’

Reg Parsons