Golden Morning


Golden Morning

Limited Edition: 25
Bronze Sculpture

25″round x 76″H (Lifesize)
walnut turntable see accessories for pedestal

‘One golden morning in the place
Of big horned sheep where rivers start
Before the heat or wind could rise
A voice quickened my heart

Like trumpets in another sky
The king’s alarm, I thought at first
Harmonies of peace and fear
A chorus without a verse

Down the valley lined in stone
I spot him surfing unseen waves
Announcing that the rule was his
Passed down from ancient days

“I own the sky” the voice proclaims
“As far as from my loft I see
And even ancient chiefs of old
Their status weighed by me”

In his eyes as he passed by
The glimpse of terror in his stare
Told me, that from on his throne
He knew first, I was there

If man can forge in gold and silver
Images of gods and things
Then I must bear the golden one
To the glory of my KING’

– Reg Parsons