Limited Edition: 30
Bronze Sculpture

12″ L x 16″W x 41″ H
solid walnut base with a turntable

Quackers was an immediate hit from its first showing, winning Collector’s Choice Award at the 2006 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. The hen mallard escorting her newborn chicks to water brings a smile, as any admirer can relate to at least one of the personalities Reg has captured in the ducklings.

‘Run the shore of tangled reeds
Your days in darkness done
The light is dancing on the cat tails
First day in the sun

Count the eight again old hen
So soon their wings to fly
And guide them through the scrambled mess
For life’s a gift to try

And as I look into this moment
Let me find myself as well
Running the race to win the prize
Leaving my captive shell’

-Reg Parsons