Limited Edition: 30
Bronze Sculpture

16″L x 16″W x 40″H
walnut base with turntable

“A modern television series of the same title made me think that when it comes to choosing the survivor of Rocky Mountain wildlife, the Rocky Mountain goat will have his torch burning until the end.”

‘The elements called to meet at dawn
Where snow capped turquoise glaciers rest
And ancient stone cathedrals rise
Here the council will decide

Winter was the first to speak
Of death cold nights and heavy snow
To claim the weakened from the strong
The beast of winter stood

If summer burned could life remain?
A question to the black horned kid
He answered, In the lofty clefts
Amidst the air, so cool and thin

Spring and fall made similar claims
Of rushing waters, freezing rains
And when the final count was done
The vote fell to the one in white’

– Reg Parsons